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Schätzle & Cie. GmbH
Managing Director: Dr. Philipp Menny
Registration Court: Freiburg i. Br.
Commercial Register: HRB 709194

Concept, Photography and Art Direction:
Matthias Reithmeier
Text: Roland Ernst

Programming, Animation
Michael Karmann, Living Lingo

Raw Materials Every material has its own individual properties. This is the unchanging, timeless standard we have learnt to work with for more than one hundred years. Our partners and suppliers, with whom we have been in trustful cooperation for decades, guarantee that we always have the best raw materials at our disposal. Nevertheless, we subject all raw materials and components to strict quality inspections before they are further processed.
Mechanical Processing Manual work and mechanical processing are inseparably linked together. Under this proposition, we combine the performance of modern manufacturing technology with the artistry of achieving an aesthetic ideal in many concerted processing steps. From the precise cutting of the dial and the accurate milling of numbers, windows and engravings up to the point at which the precision of a mechanical watch is finally reflected in the precision of its dial.
Plating Every dial features a characteristic and highly individual metal coating applied in galvanic solutions. Be it gold, silver, black, blue or any other colour shade, it is our longstanding experience and our sense of harmony which enable outstanding compositions. Our goal: The perfect arrangement of surface treatment, composition of solutions, temperature and electric current.
Varnishing The varnish imparts the unmistakable character to our dials - In all shades. From protective coating of plated dials through to the design of decorative coatings. Craftsmanship and artistic sensitivity alike decide on the character of the dial surface and the playful reflection of light. Of course, this happens in the cleanest of atmospheres so that no grain of dust damages this fine finish.
Printing It is the first impression that counts. It decides whether you fall in love with a watch at first sight. Thanks to silicone pads, even complex dials have a print that is unmatched by any other printing method in brilliance and precision. It is not only the quality of the printing cliché, but also the selection of the right pad and the precise mixture of paint that contribute to the print’s final character. And here we fully rely on the skills and the immense experience of our printers.
Appliques For us, true handcraft spells perfection, meticulous visual judgement and absolute sensitivity. This particularly applies to the application of numbers, indices, cabochons and logos. After all, these are the elements of a watch dial that are seen at first glance. This is why every applique is examined individually, set by hand and fixed by fine feet.
Quality Strict and perpetual scrutiny of our quality guarantees that we achieve our high standards. This is why every dial is subjected to extensive checks before leaving Schätzle & Cie. Every facet, every edge, every print and every part of the surface finish is examined before we give the dials into the hands of our clients.
Experience For more than 100 years, we have given time a distinctive face. We believe the perfection of a dial to be the ultimate crown of any watch. Extraordinary experience, passionate commitment, an incessant love for tiny details and technical mastery guarantee for perfected aesthetics.
Tradition For us, tradition spells obligation and assurance. Insight and experience are not only passed on – they are enhanced with technological innovations. This kind of enthusiasm makes sure that we never lose track of our goal: Creating a dial with the incomparably charming air of handcrafted uniqueness.
Masterpieces Mastery is the unification of art and perfection. And every dial leaving our factory has to reflect this in an inimitable way. We put highest precision into the perfection of our craft in every step of our production process. For only then will masterly skills result in a true masterpiece.